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News: New 1st Bayridge Group Commissioner, Area is Growing, Upcoming Events Lists

Good day Loyalist Area Scouters,

New 1st Bayridge Group Commissioner

I’m pleased to announce the appointment of Tanya Pourchez as the next Group Commissioner for 1st Bayridge Group.

A huge thank you to Scouter Bill Racz for his leadership within 1st Bayridge Group and Loyalist Area.  Bill will be staying on to assist with both the transition and training of our newest Group Commissioner; and continue as the Area Property Manager.

Scouter Tanya is relatively new to Scouting, helping out first as a parent last year and now as a Scouter.  My observations are that she is an energetic, enthusiastic, thoughtful, direct, no-nonsense Scouter who cares a great deal for the youth and Volunteers within Scouts Canada. Tanya immediately volunteered upon her arrival in Kingston to run the Area Popcorn campaign, and volunteered many days to help out with Area Public Relations.   Tanya is married to Chris Pourchez, a 1st Pittsburgh Colony Scouter, and mother to Jacob, a Beaver-Scout with the same Colony.

Area is Growing

We are only 12 youth away from last year’s enrolment (281 of 293).  We gained 11 youth over the last two weeks!  Keep up the great work.  Growth will allow us to move forward our plans for new facilities at our Camps!  We have our upcoming Activity Night Open House (26 Feb – 2 Mar) where we want to make sure we have excellent Bring a Friend events as well as welcome the general public!  Please contact our Area Support Manager, Scouter Amy amy.patterson@scouts.ca if you are a Scouter who has any questions about running this kind of event, or need assistance of any kind.

Upcoming Events

We have a good number of new and exciting events upcoming.  Please check the events list here: http://www.kingstonscouting.ca/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/2017-2018-Area-Dates-of-Interest-1-Feb-18.pdf and here: http://www.kingstonscouting.ca/calendar/

Area Forum

The last Area Forum Minutes can be found here: http://www.kingstonscouting.ca/news/meeting-agendas-and-minutes/

The next Area Forum will be on 28 Feb at 7pm at Selby Hall.  All invited.

Yours in Scouting,


G. Priems, Loyalist Area Commissioner



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