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Growth, Rally and Scout Trees update

Dear Loyalist Scouters,

Congratulations and a tremendous Thank You for getting back to 100% of last year’s membership numbers.  In fact, we are currently showing 1% growth!  We are leading Voyageur Council and for 3 weeks we are the only Area to be demonstrating 100% membership and some growth!  This is excellent!  Due to this, our request to build two pavilions has now gone forward for the other levels of approval required for the projects. One pavilion at Camp Otter Lake, and the other at Camp Folly.  Section Scouters are the ones who are conducting the program that pulls in the youth.  I have heard of many cases where families are very happy to join up today for the rest of the year because the programs are of such great quality.

The Cub Car and 18 Wheeler Rally deadline has been extended to Friday 30 March.  Please ensure that you get your numbers in (we understand that you may not have names) for your section to loyalistrally@gmail.com.   Deadline for payments has been granted to 13 April, if necessary.  Please indicate how you intend to conclude payment in your email.  Lastly, we are looking for a couple of key positions at present:  someone to run the Parking Lot; and another to run the Pit.  Please contact the organizers if you think you can help!  We are happy for your 2nd or 3rd Scouter to be an offer of service as there will be plenty of Scouters present to ensure we are 2 deep at all times.Registration info and details here: http://www.kingstonscouting.ca/rally/

Scout Trees will be held in the evenings of 9/10 May from 4:30-8:30pm.   1st Amherstview-Bath Group has once again arranged for a tree planting event with Lafarge.  This is a fun family event.  Please dress for the weather, bring a spade/long shovel, a bucket to hold seedlings, and wear rubber boots if possible. (It gets muddy).  DROP OFF OF YOUTH IS NOT PERMITTED AT THIS EVENT, unless you have made arrangements with your section’s Scouter.You can plan to arrive with your section and family for 4:30pm to get started – pizza/juice/water will be provided to everyone at about the half-way point – and then finish up the task.  Scouter Neil Nieuwkoop is running this event and asks that Sections determine which day they would like to participate, and inform him.  You do not need to be on time, or stay the entire time.  This is about participation – and also about getting all the trees planted, so we hope that we can count on most to participate and get the job done.

Please confirm attendance by emailing: amherstviewbathscouting@hotmail.com

There is no cost to this event, and I understand Lafarge normally provides Thank You gifts.

GeoffG. PriemsArea CommissionerLoyalist Service Area  www.kingstonscouting.caservice.loyalistscouting@gmail.com(613) 329-5815

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