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Appointment: Deputy Area Commissioner – Training

Deputy Area Commissioner – Training

On behalf of the Loyalist Key 3, I would like to introduce Loyalist Area’s new Deputy Assistant Commissioner (DAC) for Training, Nicky Bell.  Nicky is transferring from the DAC Training position in Algonquinte Area, in White Pine Council (next door to our west).

Nicky has been volunteering with Scouting for 25 years, and spent many of her youth years in Venturers and Rovers. She earned the Queen’s Venturer Award and Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. Up to 2011, she was a Scouter/Advisor at the Troop, Company and Crew levels. In the recent past 6 years, she has held various Area Service Team positions.

Nicky wants to provide to Scouters the same kind of excellent training that she has received through her Scouting years. She would like to engage participants with useful, motivating and fun workshops and courses and create such a great experience that Scouters want more! She believes that well trained, enthusiastic Scouters facilitate awesome youth-led program. Awesome youth-led programs in turn leads to high retention and growth of our program.

Over the next while, Nicky will be engaging with Scouters using various tools to figure out what training is needed or desired with in Loyalist Area. Please feel free to contact her.

Welcome to Loyalist Area Nicky!

Geoff Priems Loyalist Area Commissioner loyalistscouting@scouts.ca

Nicky’s contact info: nicky@bellgrove1910.ca and (613)449-2944


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