Scouts Canada's No One Left Behind program ensures that every youth is provided with the opportunity to experience new adventures with a local Scouts Canada program. 

Uniforms & Badge Placement

Your guide to what goes where and where to get it.

No One Left Behind

Ensuring all youth in Loyalist Area have a chance to experience new adventures

Camp Locations and details

If your Scout is camping, here are the locations and facilities available at each Camping Area

Parent Helper Information

Parents who want to help out at a meeting, adventure or overnight camp must complete basic training and accept our code of conduct

Getting youth started with Scouts in Loyalist Area

A short guide for parents

Getting Started

The Scouting program is open to all youth ages 5 and up, boys and girls!  We need help from all members of the family to ensure Scouting if offered to all!  


The “start up” cost to join the average Group will be about $235 to $300 (for a year long program starting on 1 September).  


This fee would include the National Registration Fee, the cost of uniform, and sometimes some  program fees will be included.  


With about 40 weekly meetings, a minimum of 4 weekend camps, and 4 weekend day adventures – this represents a minimum of 312 hours of time offered at the Beaver-Scout (5-7 years old) level in our program, or a cost of a little less than $1 per hour.  


Try to find a more inexpensive, high quality program anywhere else!!  You can’t!


We understand that some families are more challenged than others financially.  We want every child to join, even if their parents do not have the financial means.  Please speak to a “Commissioner” about the “No One Left Behind” program, or if living in Kingston you may also contact PROkids.

The 2 Scouter Rule – With very few exceptions, there should be two registered Scouters present (within eyeshot and earshot) whenever youth are present.  This is for the protection of our Youth, and for our own protection.

Transportation – Scouts Canada provides excellent program for Youth, but we do not arrange transportation, nor do we provide transportation to events.

Medical information – It is extremely important to ensure that you have disclosed to us information relating to medical conditions.  The proper method is to list the medical issue in the proper section within  We will keep the information private, but the leadership team must be aware of the issue so that we can ensure that it is monitored.

Religious/Family/Other Information – As noted above, we must be aware in order to respect individual situations.  We do not judge families or individuals based upon their information – we use it to show respect.  If you religious or cultural observance requires dietary restrictions – we need to know what those restrictions are to support your Youth and your beliefs.


Get Involved!

We need your help!  The Scouting program is delivered by Volunteers from our communities.  That means you!  Nobody is really a super-Scouter.   We are regular people who come home from work and put on our uniforms and give a few more hours of our time to help others.  

We need average people with a great desire to make our world a better place for our children and grandchildren!  Please consider joining us and embarking on your own Scouting Adventure!!!

Scouts Canada has announced that in September 2017, all registrations will be completed online.  There are several options for how to complete online registration.  

We have increased our ratio in all programs to 1 Scouter to 8 Youth.  This is the maximum ratio.  The number of Scouters may be increased at the discretion of the Section Leadership Team or the Group Commissioner to ensure the safety of everyone.

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