Rover Scouts

Ages 18-27

The world awaits. Enjoy good times with others who share your values and challenge yourself with personal goals for future success, with support from a mentor. In Rovers, you’ll explore your ambitions and work to accomplish them in a stimulating setting. It is by following a cycle of Personal Development Plans that you make your way to The Portage – the final leg of your Rover Scout journey.

The challenges for young adults of this age are many, including figuring out what they want to do with their lives, doing well in school, getting a job and being successful at it, navigating relationships, transitioning into adult life and responsibilities, and seeking to make an impact in society. Rover Scouts in Canada use the metaphor of paddling a canoe as their Section’s symbolic framework. Over your time in Rovers, you will learn to confidently “Paddle Your Own Canoe”.

Paddle your own Canoe!

The Rover Scout program provides members with opportunities for ongoing self-discovery through adventure. By trying new things in each of the Program Areas, Rover Scouts explore how they can fit in as members of their community. The symbolic framework of “Paddle Your Own Canoe” reminds Rover Scouts of the challenges they face in young adulthood, and the abilities they have to help them through the journey of these early adult years.


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1st Joyceville Rover-Scouts

Various meeting times and locations

Contact Robin Nuttall, (613)382-2576

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