Loyalist Area thanks our Community Partnerships

Supporting our community through funding, resources and kindness

Assisting Loyalist Area youth with woodworking and conservation projects

Assisting youth by providing resources and funding for families

Supporting Loyalist Area campsite maintenance and construction through service and material donations


Assisting Loyalist Area with Fundraising logistics

Cub Car and 18 Wheeler Rally

Please contact  Laura Cruse (Assistant Manager) lcruse@leevalley.com  or David Street (Manager) dstreet@leevalley.com to register at (613) 634-4400 about 60 days prior to the date you would like to book, in order to determine availability.


Applications for individual youth subsidies

Must be made by the parent/guardian at the online portal Start here:  http://jumpstart.canadiantire.ca/en.html

Before you start, we ask that you first be able to answer “Yes” to the following questions:

  • Is the child on whose behalf you are applying between the ages of 4-18?

  • Is your family in a demographic which would be considered in financial need (as defined by Government guidelines)? Click here to check if you meet the financial need criteria.


If you can answer “Yes” to all 3 questions, then you will need to provide the following information as part of the application process. Be sure to have them handy once you click on the Start Application button:

  • Your contact information (name, postal code, telephone number and email address).

  • The first name, last name, gender and date of birth of your child.

  • The details of the sport or physical activity in which your child would like to participate: weekly meetings and occasional weekends – seeking to develop the child in all aspects of their character, using the outdoors as the program focus.

  • The amount that you are requesting from Jumpstart: registration fees are normally around $200, and uniform/program guide cost about $40 extra.

  • The name of the non-profit/charitable/service organization (Payee) running the physical activity program:  Scouts Canada – Loyalist Area

Funds or equipment are provided directly to the Payee (Scouts Canada – Loyalist Area) on behalf of the qualifying youth or child.

Proof of financial need. Any one of the following will suffice as proof of financial need—income assessment, prior year T4 statement or three consecutive pay stubs. Instructions will be provided in the application on how to upload a copy of these documents.

Applications for equipment

May be made by listing the requirements and sending them to the Area Commissioner for review and request for subsidy approval to the Jumpstart Program.  Please email service.loyalistscouting@gmail.com for more details

Applications to Support Community Projects

May be made by detailing the project requirements, impact on the community and sending them to the Area Commissioner for review and request for subsidy approval to the Jumpstart Program.  Please email service.loyalistscouting@gmail.com for more details.

On 17 March 2017, Loyalist Area Scouts Canada was formally invited to be a Community Partner with the Canadian Tire Jumpstart Program.

The Jumpstart program is another way to assist youth by providing a funding for the following:

  • Assistance with registration fees for those who cannot afford it (LICO means tested)

  • Equipment for sections

  • Community Projects


Please contact the Area Commissioner for more details.


Dig’n Dirt has provided a tremendous amount of time and resources to support Loyalist Area.  Most recently, Dig’n Dirt created 3 new large campsites, spread at least 30 dump trucks loads of rock/fill which has helped to set the conditions for the future success of our camps. 


Loyalist Area is extremely grateful for their donation!!  A great community business!


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