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Frequently Asked Questions

Group Commissioners and Administrators

Administrative Proclaimations or Announcements!

2018–19 Scouts Canada membership fee has been set at $230

There may be additional Group Fees

Key Contact List


PRC/VSS, Training, Recognition and Events - Lynn Levitan -

Contracts/Agreements& Certificates of Insurance - Rose Pelkey -

Tour Permits - Debbie Maw -

Donation Inquiries/Bookkeeping - Lisa Quarrie -

No One Left Behind/Refunds -

Safety Incidents -

General Inquiries -

Camp Opemikon -

Voyageur Council Administrative Processes



Here’s a primer on Group Finances.  Don’t trust the email addresses in the presentation as it is a bit dated- please see the Council Admin Processes link above.

Group Finances 101


Key Links

Scouts Canada ByLaws Policies and Procedures

Council Approved Activity Service Providers

Loyalist Scouting