Volunteering with Scouts in Loyalist Area is easy, fun and flexible.  We are always looking for Adults who love the outdoors are are able to support the youth in our communities.


Our Scouters are supported by a team of dynamic adults who get as much fun out of Scouting adventures as the youth they mentor. We provide the training and adventure. You provide the enthusiasm.

What is a Scouter Volunteer?

A Scouts Canada volunteer is called a Scouter.  Scouters are responsible to deliver safe and incredible experiences for youth in our Loyalist Area communities.  Many times, parents begin as a helper with their child in their section.  Scouting is built on volunteers who perform a variety of roles.

Many people are looking for ways to develop skills that help them achieve personal and professional goals. Scouting has a long tradition of providing such opportunities.

  • A fully trained Scouter completes thorough online and experiential learning in understanding youth, program planning, leadership and safety training;

  • Scouting offers many opportunities to develop marketing, communication, financial management and fundraising skills;

  • We need your help to allow more young people to experience the challenge and adventure of Scouting. At the same time, we will help you challenge yourself.

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Many of our Outdoor Adventures use service providers for paddle sports, vertical skills, white water rafting or tree trekking.  Voyageur Council maintains an approved list of providers that can be used by our sections that meet Scouts Canada safety policies and guidelines. 

Additional Questions


Where do I get a Personal Records Check
with Vulnerable Sector Screening?

  • For City of Kingston, you may apply online:  https://policechecks.kpf.ca/

  • Outside of the city you likely need to rely on the Ontario Provincial Police and attend their location.

  • Note: If a letter from Scouts Canada is required Contact us by Email indicating you need a letter and why.

At the end of the volunteer application process you will be asked for 5 references.  One of them may be related to you.   They will be contacted by email.  Do not use government email addresses.  


Training?  What do I have to do?

Scouts Canada has an easy-to-use e-Learning system that is fun and will help you develop your Scouting skills and deliver safe and fun programming for youth in your community.   Start by reviewing our Loyalist Area Volunteer Training Page. 

Additional Links can be found below. 


An Interview.  What’s that about?

We want to get to know you better and ensure that you are a good fit for Scouts Canada.  Be open and honest.  Ask questions.

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